Armorer's Bench

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Armorer's Bench
Armorer's Bench
A bench covered in tools for crafting armor
Type Building
Building Health 1000
Building Damage Tier Iron
Weight 15.00
ID 89201
The Armorer's Bench is a crafting station in Conan Exiles.

Description[edit | edit source]

With the firelight glinting from his blue steel armor, he seemed like an image of steel - dynamic power for the moment quiescent; not resting, but motionless for the instant, awaiting the signal to plunge again into terrific action.
~ Black Colossus

Creating armor, particularly metal armor, requires a large number of exotic tools. This armormaking bench can be used to create anything from the lightest leather armor to hardened steel armor. Provided that the raw materials are available, of course.

Source[edit | edit source]

Created from the following Recipes

Hand crafted

Ingredients Outcome Time required Experience gained
240 Icon stone-1.png Stone
160 Icon wood-1.png Wood
50 Icon hide-1.png Hide
1 Icon armormaking bench.png Armorer's Bench
30 seconds 550

Crafting recipes[edit | edit source]

Wooden Targe 16 Wood Iron Targe 16 Wood

16 Iron Bar

Steel Heater Shield 16 Wood

16 Steel Bar

Light Chestpiece 10 Twine

25 Hide

Medium Harness 25 Leather

30 Iron Bar

Heavy Pauldron 45 Thick Leather

30 Steel Bar

Light Wrap 8 Twine

20 Hide

Medium Tasset 20 Leather

35 Iron Bar

Heavy Tasset 36 Thick Leather

24 Steel Bar

Light Boots 5 Twine

13 Hide

Medium Boots 13 Leather

15 Iron Bar

Heavy Sabatons 23 Thick Leather

15 Steel Bar

Light Gauntlets 5 Twine

13 Hide

Medium Gauntlets 13 Leather

15 Iron Bar

Heavy Gauntlets 23 Thick Leather

15 Steel Bar

Light Turban 5 Twine

13 Hide

Medium Cap 13 Leather

15 Iron Bar

Heavy Helmet 23 Thick Leather

15 Steel Bar

Ancient Shield 16 Wood

16 Iron Bar