Light Chestpiece

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Light Chestpiece
Light Chestpiece
Level 6 Cost 2
Icon apprentice crafter.png Icon armormaking bench.png Icon worker shirt.png
Icon light exile armor.png Light Chestpiece
Light Chestpiece of hide and fiber.
Crafted at Armormaking Bench
Light Chestpiece
Light Chestpiece
A light chestpiece of hide and fiber
Type Armor
Grade Low
Durability 135
Armor 8
Poise 3
Weight 3.68
ID 52002

Light Chestpiece is one of the Recipes as well as one of the Armor items in Conan Exiles.

Info[edit | edit source]

Crafting a Light Chestpiece requires:

Description[edit | edit source]

Designed to keep the wearer cool, this armor emphasizes movement and agility in combat over straight up protection.
The blow that misses is always better than the one that lands. In this case, the one that lands will cause a significant amount of damage due to the simple construction of this armor.
Created from basic materials available in the Exiled Lands, this armor bears no cultural markings or identifiers of any type.

Media[edit | edit source]