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HP  ?
Drops Hide, Hide, Savory Flesh
Type Wildlife
Group Prey
Temperament Aggressive

Shaleback is one of the creatures in Conan Exiles.

Description[edit | edit source]

The shaleback resembles a hybrid of a gorilla and turtle. While the gorilla determines its pose, movement and behaviour, the turtle provides a thick, shell-like and scaly dermal condition.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The shaleback is territorial of some sort, it will wander around minding its' own buisness as long as you leave it alone. Step to close and it will try to smash you.

The shaleback is a pretty common creature and one of the first to be encounterd by players. It makes a good sparring partner for training shield blocking and dodging.

Try to kite shalebacks into 1 vs 1 fights, they are good sources of meat and experience for low level exiles.

It builds nests around beaches from where eggs can be stolen and shaleback babies (mostly 3) can be slain without effort. The breeding behaviour seems to be adapted by the turtle part of the beast, as they do not seem to protect their nests actively. If an adult Shaleback is around, it will watch you slay its babies as long as you stay far enough from it.

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