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Level 10 Cost 3
Icon apprentice crafter.png Icon Blank.png Icon Blank.png
Icon tannery.png Tannery
A tannery for processing hides into leather.
Hand crafted
Icon hide-1.png Stretch Hide
Stretching hides allows thicker hides to be stretched into two thinner hides.
Hand crafted
A tannery for processing hides into leather
Type Building
Building Health 1000
Building Damage Tier Iron
Weight 15.00
ID 89104

The Tannery is a Crafting Stations in Conan Exiles. Used for turning hide into leather.

You can add one tanner thrall in the thrall slots of the Tannery to get various benefits.

Description[edit | edit source]

They were young men, but hard and sinewy, with a bearing that comes only to men rendered desperate by adversity. They were clad in mail shirts and worn leather; swords hung at their girdles.
~ A Witch Shall be Born

The stench of the tannery is easily identifiable in the major cities of the world and tanners are often relegated to the outskirts of cities or villages, preferably downstream.

Bark is the most common form of tannin used to convert hide into leather. During the process it breaks down into Tar, which is a useful catalyst for alchemists.

Source[edit | edit source]

Created from the following Recipes

Hand crafted

Ingredients Outcome Time required Experience gained
50 Icon bark-1.png Bark
240 Icon stone-1.png Stone
25 Icon twine.png Twine
160 Icon wood-1.png Wood
1 Icon tannery.png Tanery

Production[edit | edit source]

Fuel Burn Time (in seconds)
No Thrall Thrall I Thrall II Thrall III Thrall IV
1 Icon bark-1.png Bark 24 30 30 36 36
Ingredients Outcome Time Required (in seconds) Experience
No Thrall Thrall I Thrall II Thrall III Thrall IV
3 Icon hide-1.png Hide 1 Icon leather.png Leather
1 Icon tar.png Tar
20 13.33 13.33 10 10
1 Icon thick hide-1.png Thick Hide 1 Icon thick leather.png Thick Leather
1 Icon tar.png Tar
60 40 40 30 30