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Thralls are NPCs in Conan Exiles. They can be used as servants, either working on crafting stations or as lookouts guarding buildings.

How to capture thralls[edit | edit source]

Thralls are captured by knocking them out with a Truncheon, dragging them back to base with Fiber Bindings, and breaking their will on one of the various Wheels of Pain. Players also need some gruel, to keep the thrall alive while they're going around and around. Thralls can help guard bases, help in crafting, entertain players, and unlock powerful advantages such as flawless weapons or even help in summoning avatars.

Thrall specializations[edit | edit source]

Thralls have a variety of specializations. Most can be visually identified from a distance by what they are holding, e.g. bow/crossbow is an archer, sword and shield is a fighter. Thralls placed on a crafting station reduce the materials needed to craft items.

Specialization Use Appearance
Archer Guards areas Wields a bow or crossbow
Armorer Place at an Armorer's Bench Wields a Repair Hammer.
Blacksmith Place at a Blacksmith's Bench Wields a Repair Hammer.
Carpenter Place at a Carpenter's Bench
Cook Place at a Campfire or Bonfire or Cauldron Wields a Repair Hammer.
Entertainer (Dancer or Musician) Removes corruption and provides a health regen buff Is seen dancing
Fighter Guards areas Wields a weapon or sometimes is unarmed
Priest - Mitra Place at a Shrine of Mitra Dressed in blue and found at a Mitran altar
Priest - Set Place at a Sepulcher of Set Wears an Egyptian mask
Priest - Yog Place at a Pit of Yog
Smelter Place at a Furnace Wears mitts
Tanner Place at a Tannery Wields a large cleaver.
Taskmaster (Slaver) Place at a Wheel of Pain Wields a Truncheon and Fiber Bindings

Thrall levels[edit | edit source]

Every specialization has 4 different levels, identified with an I, II, or III at the end of their name, with tier 4 thralls being uniquely named. The exceptions are taskmasters, who have an apprentice, journeyman or master tag.

Depending on their levels, artisan thralls allow for faster crafting in the bench or lowered resource costs.

- Level I will speed up crafting by approx 10%.

- Level II reduces crafting cost by 25% (cost rounded down to lowest whole number)

- Level III is slightly faster than a level II. Some will give additional recipes for their race when placed at a crafting station.

- Named Thralls reduce crafting costs by 50% and increase crafting speed by approximately 50%. Will give additional recipes when placed at a crafting station.

For example:

Fighter/Archer thralls seem to gain more health and armour from their tiers, whereas their damage seems to be based on what weapon they use.

Named thralls (level 4)[edit | edit source]

Level 4 thralls are named and thralls placed on crafting stations may sometimes provide additional recipes.

Name Specialization
Amurath the Swift Archer
Conchaka of Hyrkania Archer
Galter of Bossonia Archer
Hagar Hawkeye Archer
Lissa o' the Longbow Archer
Mandughai Hundred-Arrow Archer
Chelkus the Smith Armorer
Diana Steelshaper Armorer
Jehungir Horseshoe Armorer
Joka Ironfist Armorer
Orqina Steeltongue Armorer
Than Hammerblow Armorer
Alumit Anvilbrow Blacksmith
Arvad of Akbitan Blacksmith
Conal the Hammer Blacksmith
Hyam Hammerhand Blacksmith
Maev the Magnificent Blacksmith
Talitha Goldfinger Blacksmith
Hodur the Humble Carpenter
Rayne o' the Rosewood Carpenter
Ros-Crana o' the Dells Carpenter
Sigyn the Wood Worker Carpenter
Bragoras the Baker Cook
Galacus the Gourmand Cook
Vatessa the Potent Cook
Bohdan the Flexible Entertainer
Danyo the Seductive Entertainer
Imiu of Derkheto Entertainer
Ionna the Seductress Entertainer
Luba the Luscious Entertainer
Sadeh the Lithe Entertainer
Senk the Pillowdancer Entertainer
Thutmekri the Dramatist Entertainer
Braggi the Bold Fighter
Cruaidh the Crusher Fighter
Deirde Deathbringer Fighter
Frigga Falsehope Fighter
Setankmek the Bloody Priest - Set
Kursk the Flesheater Priest - Yog
Daya Leaddrinker Smelter
Fingal Firetender Smelter
Idra Sparkeyes Smelter
Melicoma the Watcher Smelter
Noam of Akkharia Smelter
Yael of Shem Smelter
Inigo the Vengeful Tanner
Valenso Da Reyn Tanner
Zarono the Scented Tanner
Beli the Breaker Taskmaster
Bit-Tarkin the Whip Taskmaster
Olena the Oathmaker Taskmaster
Saddur the Slaver Taskmaster
Shevatas the Merciless Taskmaster
The Tyrant of Pelishti Taskmaster
Vanko the Fearsome Taskmaster
Yala the Scarred Taskmaster

Races[edit | edit source]

As is the case with characters in Conan Exiles, Thralls are also of various races.

Clan[edit | edit source]

There are various Clans that roam the lands of the exiles and can be found in various locations around the world.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Additional information[edit | edit source]

  • Thralls are another important tool for survival. Capture a blacksmith thrall and they will give access to items only crafted by that specific thrall via the Crafting Machines. For example, a Stygian thrall allows players to create Stygian weapons even though their character might be from a different race.
  • One of the advantages of capturing thralls, is that they can be used to defend a base when the player is not around.
  • The exiles along the starting river are currently basic low level thralls.
  • After a trained archer or fighter is placed, they don't appear to equip weaponry until engaging in combat.

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