Wheel of Pain

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Wheel of Pain
Wheel of Pain
Level 30 Cost 7
Icon Journeyman Craftsman.png Icon Thrall Taker.png Icon Journeyman Stonemason.png
Icon Wheel of Pain.png Wheel of Pain
A wheel that strengthens the body as it breaks the mind
Hand crafted

Wheel of Pain is one of the Recipes in Conan Exiles. The Wheel of Pain is one of the Wheel of Pain torture devices used in capturing enemy Thralls.

Info[edit | edit source]

Building Size: 4x4 (Requires 5 x 5 foundations to place without clipping through walls)

Height at middle of the wheel : 3

a Wheel of Pain is crafted with the following items:

How to use[edit | edit source]

Thralls are captured by knocking them out with a Truncheon, dragging them back to base with Fiber Bindings, and breaking their will on one of the various Wheels of Pain.

The Wheel of Pain is fueled by Gruel or any other item that players can also eat.

Each Gruel fuels it for 80s, while other food items fuel it for 8*<food value> seconds.

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