Abysmal Remnant

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Abysmal Remnant
Abysmal Remnant
HP 31520
Drops Abysmal Eye, Abysmal Fang, Abysmal Flesh, Reptile Hide
Type Unnatural
Group Boss
Temperament Aggressive

Description[edit | edit source]

A giant serpent that lives at the very bottom of The Dregs and is also the Dungeon Boss. Deep beneath the sewers of the Unnamed City lies a fat, disgusting serpent with dragon-like features that has been down there for an unknown period of time while resting in a pool of watery sludge. Once you enter the sewers, you can hear a sweet yet disturbing whispers to lure you in and set it free... or just eat you. The creature spews acid as a ranged attack but bites when you get too close. Yet it can leave the slimy pool to get close to you and start attacking. After crushing the beast and see it slain before you, you can unlock Sewer Dungeon Boss 1 and Sewer Dungeon Boss 2. The beast can be harvested for certain resources for the recipes.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

Abysmal Remnant has more HP than Rocknose King. Personal guess is around 20 000 or 25 000 (Do not know value of defense, which plays a big part of this calculation)
Level 30: Solo-able. Personally tested by RuneKnight91.
Level 20: Requires few people, personally I would guess something like 2-4 people depending on skill.
Level 10: Requires big party, personally I would guess something like 4-8 people depending on skill.
Abysmal Remnant has no adds, but on the way you have to deal with a few Lizard, Undead Skeleton Fighter and Undead Skeleton Archer. And also you have to solve some riddles / puzzles.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Just get close to the boss until it disappears in the pool, then, after 1 sec or so, you should start sprinting until it launches its attack. Turn around and hit it until it returns to its usual stance. I would recommend bringing a stack of Regeneration, and some materials to make repairs on your gear.
But I will point out that, if you bring a shield all damage can be avoided. If you do not bring a shield there is one attack that will always hit you, but it is not used often.
It required repairing Exceptional Longsword two times (sometimes I had hit the ground so it is a rough estimate).
Another run through this dungeon I can remember using Stygian Spear only and it took two repairs or almost two repairs, always be ready to bring some repair material for your weapons. Plus I shot around 100 Snake Arrows from Hyrkanian Bow.

You can ranged shoot the boss and duck behind the wall on the stairs to approaching him to heal up. When he launches his attck that stuns himself, you can run in and melee him to save on ammunition and do moredamagefor five seconds. This can be completed (albeit slowly if you're not geared) purely with melee and not to much repairing.

Level requirements[edit | edit source]

Recipes you learn after defeating Abysmal Remnant require level 10. Didn't test if you can learn them on lower level.

Media[edit | edit source]

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