Apprentice Craftsman

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Apprentice Craftsman
Apprentice Craftsman
Level 2 Cost 1
Icon stone hatchet-1.png Stone Hatchet
An axe of sharpened stone for chopping wood
Hand crafted
Icon bedroll plant fiber.png Fiber Bedroll
A mattress of leaves, twigs and grass.
Hand crafted
Icon bedroll-1.png Rawhide Bedroll
A rawhide bedroll for sleeping on the ground.
Hand crafted
Icon ingredient rope.png Twine
A small length of twine
Hand crafted
Icon round bottomed mould.png Glass Flask Mold
A mold used for creating flasks
Crafted at Blacksmith's Bench
Icon Artisan workstation.png Artisan's Worktable
A worktable for putting together furniture and decorative items
Hand crafted

Apprentice Craftsman is one of the Recipes in Conan Exiles.