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Argossean Vaulted Ceiling Junction

Argossean Vaulted Ceiling Junction
Argossean Vaulted Ceiling JunctionT DLC icon.png
A sturdy ceiling piece
Type BuildingItem
Health 70000
Max Stack 100
Base Weight 2.75
DLC Architects of Argos Pack
ID 3542
Argossean Vaulted Ceilings
Argossean Vaulted Ceilings
Level 35 Cost 0
Icon argossean foundation.png Icon tier3 roof sloped top end.png Icon Blank.png


It is said that nobody is truly home until they have a roof over their head. Across the civilizations of Hyboria, rooves are made from a diverse number of materials - from clay-fired tiles warmned in the kilns of Agarapar to the roughly thatched rooves of the Nordheimers. In the Exiled Lands, however, materials are limited. Something to keep the sandstorms at bay and the bat demons from swooping down and snatching people while they sleep is probably good enough. Weapons barely chip it and even explosive powder is not enough to weaken it in a single blow. Siege weapons or divine intervention are really the only way to bring down walls this strong.


Created from the following Recipes
Hand crafted
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
15   Hardened Brick
4   Shaped Wood
3   Steel Reinforcement
1   Argossean Vaulted Ceiling Junction 5 s 2756


Repairing Argossean Vaulted Ceiling Junction requires up to: