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Harvest resources and craft materials in order to build Armor in Conan Exiles. Armor can be dyed.

Armor is equippable and grant passive bonuses to your character. The most noticable use for armor is to protect the character against physical damage.

List of armor[edit | edit source]

Light[edit | edit source]

Relic Hunter[edit | edit source]

(+2 Encumbrance +3 Agility, Heat resistance)

Stygian Noble[edit | edit source]

(no bonuses, Heat resistance)

Medium[edit | edit source]

Medium[edit | edit source]

(+5 Encumbrance, Heat resistance)

Heavy[edit | edit source]

Pride of the Silent Legion[edit | edit source]

(+2 Accuracy +2 Strength +2 Vitality +2 Grit +2 Encumbrance, Heat resistance)

Religious[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]

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