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Asura's Chosen is a faction of tier 3 NPCs.

Chosen of Asura[edit | edit source]

Chosen of Asura.png

This title and its benefits get awarded once per month to a community member who goes above and beyond to not only help the developers with input, feedback and reports but who is also a respectful, positive and helpful source to their fellow Conan Exiles players.

Special recognition is given by:

  • Forum Title "Chosen of Asura" and an icon addition to their avatar.
  • Free Lifetime Conan Exiles DLCs. (all current and future ones)
  • Rare, named, ingame NPC with Anagram of chosen player name. Spawns wherever another specific Tier 3 npc would normally spawn.

List of NPCs[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of NPCs and which player they were created for.

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