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The attributes in Conan Exiles. Each time your character levels up, you receive an amount of attribute points, based on level.

The cost to increase an attribute scales with its value. Increasing an attribute from 0 - 5 costs one point per level, two points for 6 - 10, etc.

List of Attributes (Bold = In Game Name)[edit | edit source]

  • Health - Vitality - Health Points - How much damage you can take in combat or falling (and other things).
  • Stamina - Grit - Stamina Points - Used in Running or in combat, etc.
  • Encumbrance - Carry Weight - How much stuff you can carry before you become encumbered.
  • Might - Strength - Melee Damage - How much damage you do in melee combat / melee weapons.
  • Accuracy - Ranged Damage - How much damage you do in Ranged Combat with ranged weapons.
  • Athleticism - Agility - Armor - Blocking and Dodge, and how fast your character is.
  • Metabolism - Survival - Food - How long food lasts after you eat it.
  • Resilience - Currently not available in Early Access - Will be tied to survival mechanics.