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The attributes in Conan Exiles. Each time your character levels up, an amount of attribute points are received based on your level.

Players are given a maximum of 390 Attribute Points to spend in an unmodified, Conan Exiles game. The cost to increase an attribute scales with its value. Increasing an attribute from 0 - 5 costs one point per level, two points for 6 - 10, etc.

1-5 = 1 point each. (5 points spent)

6-10 = 2 points each. (15 points spent)

11-15 = 3 each. (30 spent)

16-20 = 4 each. (50 spent)

21-25 = 5p. (75)

26-30 = 6p. (105)

31-35 = 7p. (140)

36-40 = 8p. (180)

41-45 = 9p. (225)

46-50 = 10 points each. (275 total points spent to max out one attribute)

List of Attributes[edit | edit source]

  • Strength determines the damage dealt in melee combat.
  • Agility measures your ability to move when wearing different clothing types. It has a direct effect on armor.
  • Vitality determines the size of your Icon Health.png health pool. Regeneration is used to refill your supply of health.
  • Accuracy determines the damage dealt with ranged weapons.
  • Grit determines the size of your Icon Stamina.png stamina pool.
  • Encumbrance measures how much can be carried. Carrying too much gets the player over encumbered.
  • Survival measures your ability to live in harsh conditions. It affects how easily Icon Food.png food is metabolized.

Perks[edit | edit source]

Perks 10 20 30 40 50
Strength Thuggery (every blow you strike with a truncheon deals 100% more concussive damage) Salting the Wound (you now deal 25% increased damage to enemies affected by negative status effects (ie. cripple, bleed, sunder)) Slice and Dice (each light attack you do inflicts 10% more damage) Brutal Strikes (each heavy attack now deals 25% more damage) Blood-mad Berserker (whenever your hitpoints fall below 25%, you deal 50% more melee damage)
Agility Iron Endurance (sprinting drains 25% less stamina) Cat-like reflexes (falling damage is halved) Effortless Leap (jumping no longer costs stamina) Nimble Tumbler (while dodging, your armor class counts as one weight-class lower than normal) Extended Leap (jump while in the air to do a second jump)
Vitality Deep Breath (your breath timer is doubled) Impervious (all temperature effects are now diminished) Fierce Vitality (you gain passive healing regeneration) Receptive (increases the healing effect of consumables and dancers by 100%) Gluttonous Gains (eating food now counts as a healing potion, and provides a healing burst at the end of the regeneration effect)
Accuracy Eye for Injury (crippling shots are more severe) Trick Shot (shots fired from your bow will ricochet if you miss your target) Steady Hands (all ranged and thrown weapons do 10% more damage) Crevice in the Armor (increases the armor penetration of any weapon you wield by 50%) Shafted (every headshot deals 50% more damage)
Grit Strong Grip (you use 10% less stamina whenever you climb) Barbaric Tenacity (you gain an additional 10% stamina per regeneration tick) Iron-hard Muscles (you gain a natural resistance to damage [+15 Armor]) Fluid Swings (your basic attacks cost less stamina) Artful Dodger (dodging costs less stamina)
Encumbr. Balance and Counterbalance (you deal 10% extra melee damage while over-encumbered, but swing using 10% less stamina when not over-encumbered) Sure-footed (crippling effects are less severe) Pack Mule (your max carry weight is increased by 10%) Deflection (you have a chance to ignore armor and shield durability loss when hit) Momentum (while over-encumbered, you can move at full speed)
Survival Raw and Bloody (you do not need to cook raw meat to avoid food poisoning) Hard Worker (you harvest resource nodes twice as fast) Efficient Butchery (every animal harvested provides extra resources) Antidote of One (invulnerability to poisons and diseases. strength of detrimental status effects are reduced by 20%) Bronzed Physique (all direct combat damage you take is reduced by 10%) 

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • If you take the first letter of all the attributes and work your way down it spells "savages", which is the reason stamina is called grit. This was an idea of Joel Bylos, according to a Steam user.[1]

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