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The Yog Avatar in its summoned and active form.

Avatars in Conan Exiles are the ultimate expression of your Religious fervor in the game. These huge creatures are the physical embodiment of the gods that appear for a very brief period on the earth. The avatars are also the ultimate tool for crushing your enemies in Conan Exiles. Their incredibly powerful attacks smash anything in their path. No building, castle or wall can stand before them. Even though their power is immense, the effort needed to summon an avatar is massive. Not only do you need to have constructed a tier three altar, but you also need to have captured an archpriest Thrall for your religion. These are monumental tasks and all the effort which has gone into them is consumed to summon an avatar.

When summoning the avatar itself you are vulnerable to enemy attacks and can easily be spotted, as a pillar of light appears around you. If you are killed during the quite lengthy summoning process your efforts will have been wasted, so be careful and have your friends close by for protection. Once the summoning is complete you control the avatar of your god. As the avatar, you tower over the landscape and your shift in perspective brings a new insight to your experience. Your foes are as insects and their works are insignificant, to be crushed underfoot or destroyed with a blast of powerful sorcery. But do not be seduced by your newfound power for your vulnerable human body remains in the summoning circle and is marked by the pillar of light. If your body gets killed while you are controlling the avatar, it disappears immediately. Even if you remain unscathed you will only be able to control an avatar for a very short time, so it pays off to be prepared and choose your summoning spot wisely and as close to the enemy as you dare.

The gods crave great sacrifices in Conan Exiles, but gaining their favor also grant the ultimate rewards. [1]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While preparing for summoning, the server will be announced that an Avatar is being summoned.
  • Once an avatar is summoned, the person that has summoned them can be killed in the middle of summoning and will destroy them. They're very big and slow, because of that, bases are encouraged to be spread out and large so that things won't be ruined.
  • It takes a lot of work, favor, and resources to summon an avatar though, and all that effort is consumed in the process. Also, the summoner himself is extremely vulnerable during the ritual, as a massive beam of light clearly marks his position for anyone to see. If he is killed while summoning or while controlling the avatar, the avatar instantly disappears. The summoner can also only control the avatar for a very short time, so he will be limited in how much he can destroy. [2]
  • You should note that there is a server setting to turn off avatars if you do not wish them to be part of your Conan Exiles experience.

List of avatars[edit | edit source]

  • The Avatar of Mitra: A bronze colossus. Special attack is a powerful stomp.
  • The Avatar of Set: An enormous snake. Can climb some walls. Special attack is a fast, lunging bite.
  • The Avatar of Yog: An immense eldritch horror. Can fly, damages all buildings below him. Special attack is a slam.
  • The Avatar of Crom: Being the god who answers no prayers, he doesn't appear to have an avatar at this time, and probably won't in the future development.
  • The Avatar of Ymir: The frost giant wielding an axe. Special attack is an overhead smash. (Added in "The Frozen North" expansion.)
  • The Avatar of Derketo: A giant half-skeletal woman with purple skin. Special attack is a black gas, followed by a green gas.

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