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Bearer Bearer converted
Type Worker
Modifiers by tier
Increased crafting speed None
Increased fuel burntime None
Decreased material consumption None
Bonus Recipes None

Description[edit | edit source]

A Bearer is a thrall that wears a Icon sherpapack.png Bearer Pack.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Killed unconverted bearers will always have Supply Materials in their inventory.
  • After converting a Bearer, the Bearer Pack can be used as a head item that grants +5 encumbrance when worn.
  • A Bearer can follow you and carry full stacks of the heaviest items without any penalty, even without his Bearer Pack.
  • The Bearers name in the Admin Panel is Sherpa.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Bonus T1 T2 T3 T4 T4 purge
Inventory 10 Slots 15 Slots 20 Slots 25 Slots n/a
Health Pool - HP - HP - HP - HP n/a

T4 Thralls (named)[edit | edit source]

Name / Console ID Faction Race Gender Location
Amzadi the Wanderer
ID: Sherpa_Stygian_4
Heirs of the North Stygian Female The Black Galleon
Sandward Tower
Spinebreaker's Flank
The Summoning Place
Voyager's Vigil
ID: Sherpa_Darfari_4
Exiles1 Darfari Male Riverwatch Camp
The Summoning Place
Voyager's Vigil
Mounds of the Dead
Eina the Light
ID: Sherpa_Shemite_4
Exiles1 Shemite Female Sandward Tower
Voyager's Vigil
Wightwatch Lookout
Spinebreaker's Flank

Riverwatch Camp

Fairin of the Wild Coast
ID: Sherpa_Zingaran_4
Exiles1 Zingaran Male Sandward Tower
Spinebreaker's Flank
Mounds of the Dead
Howling Plateau
Hesth Plainswalker
ID: Sherpa_Zamorian_4
Exiles1 Zamorian Male Sandward Tower
Kathibria Featherstep
ID: Sherpa_Kushite_4
Exiles1 Kushite Female The Black Galleon
Riverwatch Camp
Sandward Tower
Voyager's Vigil
Wightwatch Lookout
Narr Goatfoot
ID: Sherpa_Hyrkanian_4
Exiles1 Hyrkanian Male The Crevice (vista)
Mounds of the Dead
Voyager's Vigil
Pelor the Well-travelled
ID: Sherpa_Hyborian_4
Darfari Cannibals Hyborian Male Narrowneck Span
Voyager's Vigil
Rethrous the Burdened
ID: Sherpa_Cimmerian_4
Exiles1 Cimmerian Male Mounds of the Dead
Stargazer's Crest
The Summoning Place
Ulrik the Mountaineer
ID: Sherpa_Nordheimer_4
Exiles1 Nordheimer Male Fleshtearer Falls
Ruins of al-Merayah
The Crevice (vista)
Voyager's Vigil

1 These bearers may belong to other factions besides the Exiles.

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