Bin-Yakin's Seal

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Bin-Yakin's Seal
Biome Highlands
Coordinates 19,-80
Type Cave
Map Icon T Map caveIcon.png
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Description[edit | edit source]

Bin-Yakin's Seal is a cave that is home to 6-8 Child of Jhil demons. Nests on the cave floor can be harvested by hand for Feathers. A single visit did not reveal any loot chests or other points of interest.

The entrance to Bin-Yakin's Seal is marked by a Bonfire on a high ledge, north east of The Great Dam. The entrance is guarded by Child of Jhil demons.

Access to the ledge is via the snow at the east edge of the Highlands. Alternative access is via a hole in the cave ceiling that can be found to the northeast, next to the world border.

Media[edit | edit source]