Bleached Bone Skinning Knife

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Bleached Bone Skinning Knife
Bleached Bone Skinning Knife
A curved bone skinning knife
Type Tool
Grade Low
Weapon Type OneHanded Skinningknife
Damage 8
Harvesting Power 4
Durability 300
Weight 2.80
ID 51300

Description[edit | edit source]

There's more than one way of skinning a panther.
~ Red Nails

Any warrior will tell you that a dagger balanced for battle is not designed to be used for skinning animals, though it will do in a pinch. This skinning knife has a sharpened edge designed to easily split tendon, scrape flesh and free hides in a single piece.

Using such a knife has the advantage of providing more hides with less effort.

Notes[edit | edit source]