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T BuffIconBleed.png Bleeding is one of the status effects in Conan Exiles.

Details[edit | edit source]

Bleed is a stacking status effect that deals damage over time. Receiving a new bleed effect while already bleeding resets the duration.

Bleed deals 1.65 damage per stack each second for 20 seconds and can stack up to 20 times, for a total of 33 damage per second or 660 total bleed-only damage.

Bleeding damage does not depend on the weapon, remaining constant for all types and levels that impart the effect.


Removing Bleeds[edit | edit source]

The following items can be used to remove bleed effects:

This list is incomplete. You can help by expanding it.

Inflicting Bleeds[edit | edit source]

Some weapons that include bleed combos are the daggers, the Axe, and the pike.
~ Make an enemy bleed
A list of weapons with the bleed special ability is located at Category:Bleed.

Additionally, the following weapons can be used to inflict bleed effects:

  • Axes (3rd & 4th heavy attacks, totaling 2 stacks)
  • Spears (4th heavy attack, 1 stack)
  • Daggers (All heavy attacks, full combo 6 stacks)