Boon of the Grey Ape (Pet)

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Boon of the Grey Ape
Boon of the Grey Ape
This summons a protector of Hanuman to your side
Type Pet
Weight 50.00
ID 92091

Description[edit | edit source]

They entered a court paved with marble which gleamed whitely in the starlight. A short flight of broad marble steps led up to the pillared portico. The great bronze doors stood wide open as they had stood for centuries. But no worshippers burnt incense within. In the day men and women might come timidly into the shrine and place offerings to the ape-god on the black altar. At night the people shunned the temple of Hanuman as hares shun the lair of the serpent.
~ Shadows in Zamboula

This boon was granted by Hanuman after a human sacrifice was placed in his hands.

Diet[edit | edit source]

Food Nutrition Amount
Abysmal Flesh 1.0
Exotic Flesh 1.0
Exquisite Meat 1.0
Feral Flesh 1.0
Human Flesh 1.0
Raw Pork 1.0
Shadespiced Perfect Cut of Meat 2.0