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Chieftain Didrik
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Chieftain Didrik
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Chieftain Didrik converted
ID: Heirs_of_the_North_Chieftain7
Type Entertainer
Initial Stats
Health 2982
Strength 30
Agility 5
Vitality 10
Bonus Vitality 882
Melee Multiplier 0.7
Accuracy Multiplier .91875
Race Nordheimer
Factions Heirs of the North
Location See page
Purge Type: An outcast Vanir chieftain


Chieftain Didrik is a named, Tier 4 Entertainer NPC of the Heirs of the North Faction.


  • New Asagarth - Inside the Town Hall. TeleportPlayer -82328 -46271 243


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