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Clans are groups of players in Conan Exiles, also known as guilds in other games. There is a limit of 10 players in official servers.[1]

If you join a clan, current thralls may no longer consider you an ally as they are not part of your clan. Players in a clan share the same buildings, entering a clan also enters your existing buildings into the clan. If you leave

  • a one-person clan, all buildings will revert to their last ownership, the last person to leave a clan.
  • a clan of multiple players, your buildings will remain owned by clan.

To invite someone into your clan, stand next to the person looking at them, and hold E which will send an invite to your clan.

People who are not in the clan can not build on the land claim or use most equipment.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Dedicated server admins can adjust the player limit in the Server Settings.
  • Creating alliances with other clans does not have a system, but you could make "handshake deals" and figure out plans alternatively.

References[edit | edit source]