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The combat in Conan Exiles.

Basic combat between Darfari Fighters

Description[edit | edit source]

Combat is fast and brutal, but also quite tactical. You can block with shields, do attacks from both the left and right, do special attacks, and even throw weapons. There are a variety of weapons to choose from in Conan Exiles, and yes - some are particularly good in some situations. When charging archers, you will want a shield to block their arrows, and when fighting vicious beasts like Crocodiles, the extra reach of a pike can be very useful. The development team has drawn inspiration from Skyrim and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic when designing the combat system.[1]

Light Attacks[edit | edit source]

The standard attack, quick with decent damage. You can chain up to 4 attacks together, including adding Heavy Attacks to your combo.

Heavy Attacks[edit | edit source]

Heavy attacks from weapons often inflict greater damage, as well as Status effects. As a trade off, the attacks take longer, so are easier to dodge or block.

Blocking[edit | edit source]

If you have a Shield equipped, you can hold down your block key and the shield will reduce the damage from attacks from your front. As soon as you attack, you are no longer blocking. Weapons that strike a shield will be knocked aside, creating an opening for the shield user.

Dodging[edit | edit source]

Using the dodge key allows you to roll out of the way of an attack. Wearing Medium Armor reduces the range of the roll. Wearing Heavy Armor reduces your dodge to a sidestep.

Kicking[edit | edit source]

Using your Kick key (same as for block with a shield) allows you to make a low damage kick at your opponent that will stagger them, creating an opening for you to attack with your weapon.

References[edit | edit source]