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Any questions, suggestions and feedback is appreciated. You may leave them on the talk ('Discussion') page. However, if you see anything which should be improved on the wiki, feel free to expand on this page!

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State of Information[edit source]

Wikis are maintained by their communities. They rely on them to be what they are and what they become.
Noone is forced to work on the wiki, as anyone should be able to enjoy real life, as well as the game itself. Contributors may at any time take a break from or quit contributing. We appreciate any contributions, so Be bold!
The wiki is very large. Since there is so much to contribute, we are not even close to covering everything.
Furthermore, the amount of active contributors which play the game, the interest in updating useful information on pages and how much we are able to auto-generate, datamine or pull from the DevKit limit us in how well we are able to keep information complete, up-to-date and comprehensive.
It is encouraged to not only check other sources besides the wiki, but to contribute to the wiki yourself -even if you do not know how to format the text, just use plain text- and to share any findings with us. This way, we are able to improve the wiki even if you are not actively contributing!
TLDR: Anyone is able to contribute to the wiki and anything you find is welcome.

Some pages are auto-generated. What is shown might be considered wrong, but the information may still be either correct or incorrect.
If we see anything remarkable, we report it to the developers. We do not always get answers, nor are we able to get everything adressed. If you see anything dubious, please let us know on the wiki channel in the Conan Exiles Wiki:Discord.

incorrect:[edit source]

The data

  • is added by a bot. Information may be wrongly distributed, or may have been interpreted wrongly.
  • outcomes ingame may be different.
  • comes from a database which has plenty of issues.

correct:[edit source]

The data also

  • includes bugs. Fingers crossed those are fixed sooner than later.
  • could be designers' or coders' choices to balance the game.

This information is often

  • not updated by the most active editors, who focus on the backbone of the wiki. They may be more focused on editing the wiki than playing the game and some make sure auto-generated information is correct. They could also be busy in real life.
  • not updated by most editors, who often focus on improving specific parts of the wiki or just want to fix something when passing by. (Descriptions, locations, small fixes for grammar etc.)
  • added by contributors who play the game.
  • may change drastically when a patch is released.
  • Multiple pages could cover the same useful information, which may or may not demotivate certain people from contributing. This is because doing the same work over and over again is not considered to be very fun to do.

Thralls and The Purge specifically are

  • added, changed and removed constantly by the developers to improve, balance and refine the purge and general gameplay.
  • in most cases not able to be correctly auto-generated at all.
  • shared by other spawns, which we have not properly noted down yet.
  • very numerous.

This is also why we take breaks in updating the Purge Map. All the "knowledge" of the purge changes. With it, the map becomes very unreliable and would need to be updated every single patch(ideally, but not preferably) until the purge is somewhat more smoothed out. There are few who are able to maintain such a map and the coding behind it, let alone all the time. (yes, it takes time and effort. This could not be stressed enough)

Admins and modders have little time to update the wiki. We try to collect and stay on top of as many guides and useful links as possible and some drafts in the background, which have not been finished up.
Guides by the developers on new features may take a while to be made. We stay in touch with players, admins, modders and developers via the forums and discords to clarify any information in advance, but there is no guarantee we get everything there is to know right away.

What is needed[edit source]

Please note:

  • Do not edit the Description of auto-generated pages, which are marked as such in the editor.
The Description should be the ingame description. If it is a page on a topic without ingame description, feel free to expand on or add the description.
  • A Notes subsection is the safest place for your information!
Automatically generated pages are pages maintained by a script which Testerle runs. This will overwrite any information added which is not part of the script, unless it's in a user-created subsection.
Please add your information in a Notes subsection in this case. Just create it by adding "==Notes==", Preferably above Media, References, See also and the categories the page is added to, if they exist.
Note: For "pages" read "pages related to the ... page"

  • Adding and suggesting any and all information that should be added, or suggesting a notice to be put on a page when something needs to be added or is different than is described etc.
  • Verifying any and all information and adding or suggesting references for pages.
(add <ref>link</ref> to a page to reference something) Verifying mainly needs to happen for all the Thrall information
  • Asking if information is correct, whether or not you should add information, how to contribute to/edit the wiki etc.
Please let us know, for instance, if I'm missing out on anything myself on Upcoming features!

  • Adding practical information (first, Usage or Notes subsection) to all pages basicly... mainly Tool and Dungeon pages.
Additionally to any Item pages.
  • Adding sources of food items to their respective pages from the creature page and adding what tool to use and on which creature a tool is best used.
  • Adding useful armor information to the armors page or making a guide on armor uses from
  • Updating and improving the Building page.
and adding information on building stability. (alternatively creating a Guide on it - see the Guide page on how to create a guide)
  • Adding Combat information (Combat section; attacks and effects, strategy) and other useful information to Creature (also in what part of the biomes they tend to spawn) and Avatar pages.
  • Adding more Controls, checking console controls and adding console controls to the Admin Panel page.

Guides for Thrall behaviour (including scouting, feeding, fighting...) Modding and Server Configuration are also very welcome! Even generic roleplay ones, if not too specific. A list of modding guides that already exist and may be used is provided in Modding/Useful links (linked on Modding page) Note: The Guide page explains how to make a guide!

See also: Conan Exiles Wiki:Admin noticeboard for discussions and Category:Translations for translation documentation.
  • Suggesting a translation(only if you want to contribute on it yourself) or contributing to existing translations
If you want to help with any of these, or start a new one, just leave a reply here or a message on the discord listed at the top of this page.

Always license and categorize your images! For example add
==Licensing== {{copyright game}} [[Category:Images]]
  • More images are always welcome!
    • transparent renders of creatures for infoboxes. (DevKit/UE/Blender?)
  • Some official media from the company/game site and other sources is still missing. This includes
Try using F12 to find images within sites. Recommended: Try not to use any unofficial sites (see the Conan Exiles and Funcom pages for official sites)

Wikify[edit source]

To wikify an article is to format it using Wiki markup and add internal links to related articles.

Another thing to do would be making sure the page is properly categorized.

Datamining[edit source]

Please read "State of information" at the top of this page, before proceeding to the below paragraph."

Auto-generation of item pages is done using a CE-specific branch of an UE4 datamining script, set up by Qowyn and a bot application connected to the wiki, executed by Testerle. Any errors with the datamining tools are either handled by manual correction, when they are an exception to the importing process, or are brought to the developers' attention, when they are the result of game code. Those who own, host or maintain the tools used to update the wiki may not be approachable for questions or issues. The DevKit can be used to manually look up most, if not all of the data provided through these tools.

The script is currently not being actively maintained. It has not been stated if maintenance will be re-initiated in the future.
Automatic updates for non-item pages have ceased; the additional workload can not be handled without increased assistance.