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Cook Cook converted
Type Worker
Use at Campfire
Firebowl Cauldron
Modifiers by tier
Increased crafting speed All tiers
Increased fuel burntime All tiers
Decreased material consumption None
Bonus Recipes All tiers

You can add one cook thrall in the thrall slots of the Icon campfire 1.png Campfire, Icon fireplace large.png Large Campfire, Icon bonfire.png Bonfire, Icon cook stove 2.png Stove, or Icon improved stove.png Improved Stove to get various benefits.
They can also be used like an Alchemist in a Icon mixer.png Firebowl Cauldron for increased speed and fuel consumption, but do not get reduced material costs or bonus recipies like Alchemists do.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Tier Reduce craft time Increase burn time
I 0% 25%
II 50% 25%
III 100% 50%
IV 150% 50%

T4 Thralls (named)[edit | edit source]

Name / Console ID Faction Race Gender Location Coordinates
Abna the Voracious
ID: AbnatheVoracious
Lemurians Hyborian Female The Purge Event1
Ada Frostbite
ID: AdaFrostbite
Heirs of the North Nordheimer Female The Purge Event1
Bragoras the Baker
ID: Relic_Hunter_Cook_4_Hyborian
Relic Hunters Kushite Male Sepermeru -252244, 91700, -3091
Bunoab Bloody-Skull
ID: BunoabBloody-Skull
Votaries of Skelos Hyborian Male The Purge Event1
Chopper Airk
ID: ChopperAirk
Heirs of the North Nordheimer Male The Purge Event1
Dook the Cook
ID: DooktheCook
Dogs of the Desert Darfari1 Male The Purge Event
Dv'ai Maggot-Eater
ID: DvaiMaggot-Eater
Darfari Cannibals Darfari Female The Purge Event
Ennis the Gobbler
ID: Votaries_Cook_4
Votaries of Skelos Kushite Female Terrace of the Tenders -826, -204945, 447651
Fer the Rotund
ID: FertheRotund
Exiles Hyborian1 Male The Purge Event1
Galacus the Gourmand
ID: Exile_Cook_4_Hyborian
Exiles Kushite Male Drifter's Rest
Exiles Camp 24
-42647, 207945, -187111
ID: Gizzard-Gnasher
Darfari Cannibals Darfari Female The Purge Event1
Gnash the Hungry
ID: Lemurian_Cook_4
Lemurians Darfari Random Pagoda of Boundless Lusts 353843, 174311, -160291
Gnashteeth Burning-Meat
ID: GnashteethBurning-Meat
Dogs of the Desert Darfari1 Male The Purge Event1
Head Chef Neavan
ID: HeadChefNeavan
Hyborian1 Female1 The Purge Event1
Head Chef Taradis
ID: IloIronbar
Black Hand Stygian Male The Purge Event1
Jai'ss the Culinarian
ID: JaisstheCulinarian
Votaries of Skelos Hyborian Female The Purge Event1
Jukona the Fool
ID: TormentorRegan
Forgotten Tribe Cimmerian Female The Purge Event1
Karamheb of the Larder
ID: KaramheboftheLarder
Relic Hunters Stygian1 Male The Purge Event
Master Chef Thab
ID: MasterChefThab
Black Hand Hyborian Male The Purge Event1
Merram the Cook
ID: Forgotten_Tribe_Cook_4_Cimmerian
Forgotten Tribe Zamorian Female -197191, -125258, 761
Rikkart the Baker
ID: Heirs_of_the_North_Cook_4_Nordheimer
Heirs of the North Stygian Male New Asagarth -78848, -42868, -2751
Tap-Et the Taster
ID: Tap-EttheTaster
Relic Hunters Nordheimer Male The Purge Event
Taris the Ravenous
ID: TaristheRavenous
Lemurians Hyborian Male The Purge Event1
Taster Pernaddun
ID: HenwasBlacknails
Forgotten Tribe Cimmerian Male The Purge Event1
Thror Boozehound
ID: ThrorBoozehound
Black Hand Shemite Male The Purge Event1
Turas the Cook
ID: TurastheCook
Black Hand Shemite Male The Purge Event
Vatessa the Potent
ID: Black_Hand_Cook_4_Hyborian
Black Hand Hyborian Female Flotsam
Jamilla's Liberty
Sailstitch Camp
Sullys's Ambush
Talier's Berth
The Black Galleon
Voyager's Vigil
87425, 96455, -9240

1source: datamining; needs verification

Media[edit | edit source]