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Corruption is one of the status effects in Conan Exiles.

Description[edit | edit source]

Many of the dark places in Conan Exiles are filled with corrupting magic. When you explore deep caves or ancient ruins, the magic which still lingers there slowly corrupts you. When you fight magical creatures, such as demons or undead, their very presence or attacks can inflict corruption.

Corruption reduces player character's maximum Health and Stamina and the more they are exposed to the corruption, the worse it gets. When corrupted, the player will need to spend time in the presence of Entertainer Thralls to remove it. Once the corruption has been removed, their condition will return to normal. Even though it is dangerous to seek out such dark places, they are often filled with valuable treasures or mystical lore.[1]

The maximum amount of corruption a player can obtain is 50% of their maximum Health and Stamina. At this point, corruption will no longer continue to reduce the players' maximum health and stamina. Players will accumulate corruption at a rate of 1 point per 5 seconds when in corrupted areas.

Mechanic[edit | edit source]

When subject to corrupted areas or attacks by monsters, players will notice a purplish frame around the screen as well as a "Gaining corruption" debuff on the left side of screen.

One way to remove corruption is to stand near an Entertainer thrall. Players who don't own these type of thralls can visit the dancers in the bar of Sepermeru, City of the Relic Hunters to the west of the map.

Corruption can be also removed by eating the Heart of a Hero or by drinking Cleansing Brew.

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