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The various crafting stations in Conan Exiles.

List of crafting stations[edit | edit source]

A quick look at a few different crafting stations and the thralls working them.
One of the captured thralls using a Firebowl Cauldron.
Icon armormaking bench.png
Armorer's Bench 240 Stone, 160 Wood, 50 Hide A bench covered in tools for crafting armor
Icon Artisan workstation.png Artisan's Worktable 40 Wood A extension of what you can built
Icon beehive.png
Beehive 20 Wood, 4 Shaped Wood Buzzing hive of honey-producing bees
Icon metalworking bench.png
Blacksmith's Bench 50 Brick, 100 Iron Bar A bench covered in tools for shaping metal
Icon bonfire.png
Bonfire 260 Wood, 32 Twine A large bonfire
Icon campfire 1.png
Campfire 5 Branch, 12 Stone A small campfire for cooking and keeping warm
Icon woodworking bench.png
Carpenter's Bench 400 Wood, 150 Stone A bench covered in tools for carpentry
Icon dryer.png
Dryer 40 Wood, 8 Shaped Wood Special rack for drying
Icon fermentation barrel.png
Fermentation Barrel 1 Ale Keg, 2 Iron Reinforcement A wooden cask used in fermentation
Icon mixer.png
Firebowl Cauldron 50 Iron Bar, 25 Twine A cauldron for mixing concoctions
Icon liquid separator press.png
Fluid Press 40 Wood, 8 Shaped Wood A manual pressing machine
Icon furnace.png
Furnace 540 Stone A furnace for smelting metals and stone
Icon grinder.png
Grinder 50 Stone, 10 Branch Heavy, stone tool
Icon fireplace large.png
Large Campfire 25 Branch, 30 Stone A large campfire for cooking and keeping warm
Icon cook stove 2.png
Stove 150 Stone, 7 Iron Reinforcement A stone cooking surface, higher level of recepies
Icon tannery.png
Tannery 240 Stone, 160 Wood, 50 Bark, 25 Twine A tannery for processing hides into leather and from where you collect Tar

See also[edit | edit source]

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