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Dancer Dancer converted
Type Stationary
Every place filled with dark magic or every battle with demonic or undead creatures will leave you corrupted and weakened. So make sure to have dancer thralls in your camp which can entertain you and remove the corruption.
~ Dev Blog #9

Entertainer thralls are dancers that can be placed anywhere. They remove corruption from players via an AoE healing buff. Standing close to an entertainer will grant the "Entertained" buff, which increases health regeneration. This also affects Pets.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Tier Health regen buff Coruption removal
per second
I no 5
II yes 7.5
III yes 10
IV yes 12

T4 Thralls (named)[edit | edit source]

Name / Console ID Faction Race Gender Location Coordinates
Bohdan the Flexible
ID: Exile_Entertainer_4_Zamorian
Exiles Kushite Male Exiles Camp 24
Sinner's Refuge
-42647, 207945, -187111
Danyo the Seductive
ID: Black_Hand_Entertainer_4_Zamorian
Black Hand Stygian Male Flotsam
Island of Unsightly Sirens
Lookout point
The Black Galleon
Voyager's Vigil
91750, 97300, -7578
Imiu of Derkheto
ID: Black_Hand_Entertainer_4_Stygian
Black Hand Stygian1 Female Flotsam
Lookout point
The Black Galleon
Voyager's Vigil
315359, 72071, -17238
91750, 97300, -7578
Ionna the Seductress
ID: Dogs_Entertainer_4_Zamorian
Dogs of the Desert Hyborian Female The Den 94993, 31404, -9222
ID: Forgotten_Tribe_Entertainer_4_Cimmerian
Forgotten Tribe Cimmerian1 Female -197191, -125258, 761
Luba the Luscious
ID: Relic_Hunter_Entertainer_4_Zamorian
Relic Hunters Zamorian Female Sepermeru -245200, 85100, -3840
Oyvind Tall-tree
ID: Heirs_of_the_North_Entertainer_4_Nordheimer
Heirs of the North Nordheimer Male Meltwater Crag
New Asagarth
-71097, -50822, 881
Sadeh the Lithe
ID: Dogs_Entertainer_4_Stygian
Dogs of the Desert Shemite1 Female The Den -94901, 30882, -9268
Senk the Pillowdancer
ID: Exile_Entertainer_4_Stygian
Exiles Darfari Female Exiles Camp 24
Sinner's Refuge
-42647, 207945, -187111
Syra Brennerhet
ID: Votaries_Entertainer_4
Votaries of Skelos Nordheimer Female Unknown
Thutmekri the Dramatist
ID: Relic_Hunter_Entertainer_4_Stygian
Relic Hunters Stygian Male Sepermeru -245200, 85100, -3840
Varkin Fleetfoot
ID: Lemurian_Entertainer_4
Lemurians Darfari Male Pagoda of Boundless Lusts X: 343814
Y: 173454

1source: datamining; needs verification

Media[edit | edit source]