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The Goddess Derketo - 'They will put her through paces she never dreamed of! She is too soft to endure what I have thrived on. I am a daughter of Luxur, and before I had known fifteen summers I had been led through the temples of Derketo, the dusky goddess, and had been initiated into the mysteries'. – The Slithering Shadow, R. E. Howard

A goddess of fertility and lust originally worshipped in Shem, Derketo can be found among the pantheons of many southern kingdoms, particularly Stygia and Kush. In Stygia, Derketo is a decadent, licentious deity, serving as the religious counterpoint to the strict and humourless devotions of Set, the Great Serpent.

Derketo is a God in Conan Exiles.

The only way she may currently be spawned is by getting a Derketo Priest through a rare purge spawn.

Description[edit | edit source]

Derketo is the goddess of fertility and death, whose followers engage in sexualized and sometimes lethal rituals. Her dual nature makes her avatar a sight to behold: one half appearing as a beautiful woman, her body in the prime of life, while the other half is a rotting corpse and degenerated corpse.
~ Dev Blog #9

Crafting Recipes[edit | edit source]


Priest: 20

High Priest: 50

Blessings of Derketo: 60

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