Descent of Dagon

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Descent of Dagon
Descent of dagon 1.jpg
Map Exiled Lands
Biome Jungle
Coordinates 253,117
Type Ruins
Map Icon T Map Icon ruins.png
Faction Previously Lemurian

Now Black Hand

Mini T Map Icon ruins.png

Description[edit | edit source]

Descent of Dagon is a huge stone structure inside a hidden valley. You can enter the valley through a crevice, the Penitent's Crossing, or across a twisted tree in the south. The ruin will guide you down to a small pond. Maybe this was once a place where the follower of Dagon perform brutal rituals, this would explain the skeletons.

At the bottom, you can find a gate that guides you through a cave to the Crevice. Around the temple are many Panthers and inside the temple are many Black Hand pirates. You can find several normal chests and two valuable chest. Additionally, there is a small number of Silverstone deposits.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is one of two places where you can find Silverstone.
  • There is still a fourth entrance, to enter the higher valley.
  • Inside the cave are Glowing Goop plants, wich are rarer in this region of the jungle.

Media[edit | edit source]