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Talking about giving credits, if you look for them, there are actually quite a few Easter Eggs in the game which are direct "thank yous" from us to the mod community and special individuals.
~ Tascha[1]

An easter egg is an intentional hidden message, inside joke, or feature in a work such as a computer program, web page, video game, television program, movie, book, or crossword. Conan Exiles features several easter eggs hidden within the game.

List of easter eggs[edit | edit source]

Thrall names in superscript are not yet confirmed.

No crosslinks were announced (See Conan Exiles). There is only content added to Age of Conan, which is from the Barbarian Edition.

  • For example, with the rune, a buff called "Exile" is randomly applied for a short period of time.[15][16][17]

  • Icon dragonhorn bow.png Goat-Horn Bow: reference to a story, about a goat, from one of the runner-ups in the building contest.
  • Icon arrow light.png Firespark Arrow: Is a reference to the youtuber Firespark81. They stack to 81 instead of 100. (video - channel)
  • Bonepile east of The Silkwood is dedicated to Neebs Gaming. (video - channel)
  • A big bronze door is found between The Den and the ruins with the Child of Jhebbal Sag. It has four levers, two on each side. Pull them and hear what happens. This is also a reference to Neebs Gaming, but this time for being trapped.[18] (video)
  • Just Horse also has an easter egg, an axe created by a mad black smith named 'jhus thorse'.[citation needed]
  • Jumping Puzzle: This is not a dungeon. You will not need to traverse a Jumping Puzzle in order to complete a dungeon. Climbing armors, such as climbing boots and gloves, will not help with completing this puzzle.

These are not sorted yet, they have recently been added (this list is from a previous TestLive patch):

The following is from previous patches:

Media[edit | edit source]

The ghost soldier in Icespire Chasm.

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