Eastern Barracks

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Eastern Barracks
Biome Jungle
Coordinates 209,92
Type Ruins
Map Icon T Map Icon ruins.png
Faction Lemurian
Mini T Map Icon ruins.png

Description[edit | edit source]

The Eastern Barracks is located in the west side of the Jungle near the River and is part of Xel-ha. The structure consists of two buildings, wich are separated by water from the river. Nevertheless, they are connected by a bridge. The bridge is interrupted by a tree but is not damaged. This point could be a passageway for boats to load the soldiers or to haul new recruits but now it is closed by the tree. The eastern building has a balcony facing north. This was perhaps used by the commanders to inspect the army and to organize them.

These ruins are inhabited by Imps and you can encounter Jungle Birds around the barracks.

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