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Elites are a type of Mini Boss which are stronger than normal creatures. They are usually are slightly larger than normal and have glowing blue or orange eyes.

Creatures have a 2% chance to spawn as Elites and their health bars will be marked with a single skull. They provide a large amount of Icon demon blood.png Demon Blood when harvested.

Table of Elite Creatures[edit | edit source]

List of Elite
Name Health Drops Temperament Locations Biomes XP
Black Child of Jhil 590 Bat Skin, Brimstone, Demon Blood, Feather, Feral Flesh Aggressive Bin-Yakin's Seal, Jhil's Roost, Lockstone Cave, The Scraps Highlands
Black Kappa 1274 Aggressive 16200
Corrupted Crocodile 1274 Aggressive 18900
Corrupted Grey Ape 4474 Aggressive 27000
Corrupted Hyena 610 Aggressive 18900
Corrupted Rocknose 2078 Aggressive [Map] 21600
Corrupted Sand Reaper 1658 Aggressive 21600
Corrupted Wolf 4912 Aggressive 29700
Infected Shoebill 2078 Aggressive 24300
Monstrous Bear 4474 Aggressive Tundra 27000
Monstrous Jaguar 3140 Aggressive 27000
Monstrous Sabretooth 5338 Aggressive 32400
Monstrous Tiger 3140 Aggressive 27000
Raging Gorilla Silverback 4042 Aggressive 24300