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The Event Log shows what changes are made on the server by players (building/destroying structures, opening containers) and the stability/decay system. (structure decayed, stability lost)

Event IDs[edit | edit source]

Found researching the game_events table in the database.[1]

0 = Server Started
1 = Server Shutdown
86 = Tamed Thrall death info
87 = Structures with inventories - storage type/crafting stations, trebuchets etc
88 = Base Building Peice Destroyed
89 = When pets or thralls return after exploring / combat when aggroed
172 = Explosive jar was set off.
174 = When same clan damages or demos own peices[citation needed] - Incorrect in testing
177 = Loot Bag Decayed - Item Lost to decay Message.
178 = Loot Bag Destroyed - Copy of Decayed Message[citation needed]

Improved logging commands[edit | edit source]

Using the below commands, the server logs catch everything that is going on.

Note: use with caution - the size of the log files can nearly triple, which may cause severe stress on the server.

Server load processes, especially recreating buildings and placeables can be logged.
To do this, edit the Engine.ini under the [/Script/ConanSandbox.SystemSettings] section.

To log world level of detail changes for buildings and placeables.

dw.LogBuildableLOD = 1

To log decay events for buildings and placeables.

dw.LogBuildableDecay = 1

To log sources of building destruction.

dw.LogBuildableDestroy = 1

To log how placeables attach to buildings.

dw.LogPlaceableAttachment = 1

To log when placeables lost their stability during attachment to buildings.

dw.LogPlaceableStabilityLost = 1

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Sixxgunz, CE:AU discord (#script-snippets) - December 16, 2018