Exceptional Aquilonian Greatsword

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Exceptional Aquilonian Greatsword
Exceptional Aquilonian GreatswordT DLC icon.png
A great sword common to Aquilonia and its provinces
Type Weapon
Bonus Cripple
Grade Mid
Weapon Type TwoHanded Sword
Damage 22
Armor Penetration 12.83%
Durability 780
Weight 4.46
DLC Jewel of the West Pack
ID 7213

Description[edit | edit source]

'I pay my way with steel!' roared the man in armor, brandishing the great sword that glittered bluely in the sun. 'By Crom, man, if you don't get under way, I'll drench this galley in the blood of its crew!'
~ Queen of the Black Coast

These weapons are made to the army standards of Aquilonia - reliable and sturdy - while not being overly ornamented. Because thousands of blacksmiths have been drafted into producing weapons for the royal army across the years, these weapons can bear the mark of almost any maker.

Great swords are faster than many other two-handed weapons, and their great reach makes them ideal for fending off groups of opponents.

Source[edit | edit source]

Created from the following Recipes
Blacksmith's Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
5 Icon branch.png Branch
22 Icon iron bar.png Iron Bar
1 Icon 2h aquilonian sword.pngT DLC icon.png Exceptional Aquilonian Greatsword1 20 s 98

1 craftable with a T3 Blacksmith thrall in the crafting station

Repair[edit | edit source]

Repairing Exceptional Aquilonian Greatsword requires up to: