Exceptional Argossean Gladiator's Tasset

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Exceptional Argossean Gladiator's Tasset
Exceptional Argossean Gladiator's TassetT DLC icon.png
A skirt of riveted leather designed to protect the upper thigh.
Type Armor
Bonus +2 Grit
Grade Mid
Armor Type Medium
Base Armor 38
Base Durability 485
Base Weight 13.09
DLC Architects of Argos Pack
ID 3573


Most of the pirates of the Barachan Isles were Argossean sailors, and as long as they confined their attentions to the shipping of other nations, the authorities of Argos were not too strict in their interpretation of sea-laws.
~ Hour of the Dragon

While shipbuilding forms the backbone of Argos' greatest city, Messantia, it's an open secret that more money flows through the arena as the Golden City's noble houses vie for dominance of the gladiator trade. From the lowest unsanctioned pits to the gleaming spires of the arena, warriors from across the known world gather to train, fight and risk their fortunes in perhaps the second oldest trade.

Offering significantly more protection than light armor, the leggings incorporate many elements - metal rivets, articulated leather, and segmented steel plate - to balance protection and agility.


Created from the following Recipes
Armorer's Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon leggings frame.png Medium Legging Lining
17 Icon iron bar.png Iron Bar
22 Icon leather.png Leather
1 Icon argossean medium bottom.png Exceptional Argossean Gladiator's Tasset 20 s 352


Repairing Exceptional Argossean Gladiator's Tasset requires up to: