Exceptional Hardened Steel Javelin

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Exceptional Hardened Steel Javelin
Exceptional Hardened Steel Javelin
A javelin of hardened steel
Type Weapon
Bonus Throwing, Cripple
Grade High
Weapon Type OneHanded Spear
Max Stack 10
Damage 42
Armor Penetration 17.1%
Durability 1250
Weight 1.00
ID 51596


The javelin is one of the most versatile weapons of the Hyborian age. Of course, this javelin is not of the Hyborian Age - it's ancient design is based upon writings from thousands of years ago.

In addition, the javelin is light enough to be thrown with some degree of accuracy. Enemies fleeing a battle are almost always surprised to find three feet of spear jutting from between their shoulder blades.


Created from the following Recipes
Blacksmith's Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
2 Icon insultated wood.png Insulated Wood
6 Icon hardened steel bar.png Hardened Steel Bar
1 Icon hardened steel javelin.png Exceptional Hardened Steel Javelin1 10 s 440

1 craftable with a T3 Blacksmith thrall in the crafting station


Repairing Exceptional Hardened Steel Javelin requires up to: