Exceptional Hyrkanian Raider Boots (Epic)

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Exceptional Hyrkanian Raider Boots
Exceptional Hyrkanian Raider Boots
A pair of boots favored by Hyrkanian Raiders
Type Armor
Bonus +1 Accuracy
Grade High
Armor Type Heavy
Base Armor 88
Heat Isolation 3
Cold Isolation 5
Base Durability 1080
Base Weight 8.08
ID 91174


Heavy armor is generally made of iron or steel and extremely heavy. The stables of the western kingdoms breed ever larger warhorses to compensate for the increasing load of the heavily armored knights.

Not so the Hyrkanians, who rely on their sturdy steppe-bred mounts to remain swift and mobile at all times. This armor, made of overlapping sheets of leather, is designed to give the wearer as much protection as possible, while still not weighing down the rider and the mount.

These boots are designed to protect the feet from blows during combat from the back of a horse.


Repairing Exceptional Hyrkanian Raider Boots (Epic) requires up to: