Exceptional Yamatai Footsoldier Chestpiece

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Exceptional Yamatai Footsoldier Chestpiece
Exceptional Yamatai Footsoldier ChestpieceT DLC icon.png
A chestpiece traditionally worn by Yamatai foot-soldiers
Type Armor
Bonus +2 Agility
Grade Mid
Armor Type Light
Armor 17
Heat Isolation 3
Cold Isolation 2
Durability 325
Weight 5.24
DLC Seekers of the Dawn Pack
ID 3126


Of the kingdoms of the east, little is known. The vast empire of Khitai covers much of the eastern side of the continent and the little information that passes out of that empire is carefully controlled by the traders who visit the west to sell lotus and silks.

But it is known that in the north-east of Khitai is a large, marshy region known as the swamps of the dead. If one passes through the swamps of the dead and he takes sail from the mainland, after several days at sea one will come to the semi-mythical land of Yamatai.


Created from the following Recipes
Armorer's Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1 Icon light top padding.png Light Chest Padding
22 Icon hide-1.png Hide
1 Icon Yamatai Light Top.png Exceptional Yamatai Footsoldier Chestpiece1 20 s 544

1 craftable with a T3 Armorer thrall in the crafting station


Repairing Exceptional Yamatai Footsoldier Chestpiece requires up to: