Flawless Aquilonian Javelin

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Flawless Aquilonian Javelin
Flawless Aquilonian JavelinT DLC icon.png
One-handed short spear in the Aquilonian style
Type Weapon
Grade Mid
Weapon Type OneHanded Spear
Max Stack 10
Base Damage 22
Base Armor Penetration 18.0%
Base Durability 700
Base Weight 2.80
Effects Cripple
DLC Jewel of the West Pack
ID 7232

Description[edit | edit source]

As they swept past the black mouth of a gorge that opened into the Pass, a javelin swished through the air and thudded home behind the stallion's straining shoulder.
~ The People of the Black Circle

These weapons are made to the army standards of Aquilonia - reliable and sturdy - while not being overly ornamented. Because thousands of blacksmiths have been drafted into producing weapons for the royal army across the years, these weapons can bear the mark of almost any maker.

The javelin is one of the most versatile weapons of the Hyborian age. Light weight enough to be wielded with a shield, the javelin is a common front-line weapon in battles.

'Push, stab, push, stab' is a motto of infantry the world over.

In addition, the javelin is light enough to be thrown with some degree of accuracy. Enemies fleeing a battle are almost always surprised to find three feet of spear jutting from between their shoulder blades.

Repair[edit | edit source]

Repairing Flawless Aquilonian Javelin requires up to: