Flawless Aquilonian Scout Wraps (Epic)

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Flawless Aquilonian Scout Wraps
Flawless Aquilonian Scout WrapsT DLC icon.png
Protective arm wraps worn by Aquilonian scouts
Type Armor
Bonus +1 Agility
Grade High
Armor Type Light
Base Armor 16
Heat Isolation 3
Cold Isolation 3
Base Durability 600
Base Weight 1.42
DLC Jewel of the West Pack
ID 7187

Description[edit | edit source]

These wraps are based on a design common in Bossonia - a province of Aquilonia known for its fierce borderers and archers. The binding on the wraps is tied in an intricate overlapping pattern that Bossonians swear offers superior protection and freedom of movement - particularly when compared to the stiff leather forearm protectors worn by other archers.

Since the majority of the Aquilonian scouts are Bossonians, this design was eventually adopted as standard for scouts in the Aquilonian army.

Light armor provides the most flexibility and range of movement in combat, but at the cost of significant protection in battle.

Repair[edit | edit source]

Repairing Flawless Aquilonian Scout Wraps (Epic) requires up to: