Flawless Aquilonian Throwing Axe

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Flawless Aquilonian Throwing Axe
Flawless Aquilonian Throwing AxeT DLC icon.png
A light throwing axe in the Aquilonian style
Type Weapon
Grade Mid
Weapon Type OneHanded Throwing
Max Stack 10
Base Damage 15
Weight 3.22
DLC Jewel of the West Pack
ID 7234

Description[edit | edit source]

And it was suspicious. It lifted its head, its eyes glowing like balls of fire, and growled low in its throat. And at that instant Conan hurled the axe.
~ Beyond the Black River

These weapons are made to the army standards of Aquilonia - reliable and sturdy - while not being overly ornamented. Because thousands of blacksmiths have been drafted into producing weapons for the royal army across the years, these weapons can bear the mark of almost any maker.

Held in the off-hand, these axes can be used for hacking at enemy shields and, in an emergency, hurled at their faces. Their use in the Aquilonian army is limited, for the most part, to hacking down saplings and trees to make palisades for quick encampments.

Repair[edit | edit source]

Repairing Flawless Aquilonian Throwing Axe requires up to: