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Flawless Blasphemous Spear (Epic)

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Flawless Blasphemous Spear
Flawless Blasphemous SpearT DLC icon.png
An ancient weapon
Type Weapon
Weapon Type TwoHanded Spear2H
Base Damage 56
Base Armor Penetration 9.45%
Base Durability 2240
Base Weight 4.38
Effects Reach
DLC Isle of Siptah
ID 24762


From the lofty gunwales, the black pirates drove down a volley of shafts that tore through the quilted jackets of the doomed sailormen, then sprang down spear in hand to complete the slaughter. On the deck of the pirate lay half a dozen bodies, an earnest of Conan's archery.
~ Queen of the Black Coast

Originally used for fishing along the Argossean coastline, the flamboyant gladiator Aros of Koth decided to adopt the trident as his signature weapon.

The extremely broad head of the weapon makes it top heavy and too thick to be used in a shield wall while the barbed prongs are prone to getting caught on armor and flesh.


Created from the following Recipes
Improved Blacksmithing Bench
Ingredients Outcome Craft time Experience
1   Long Handle
70   Eldarium
1   Flawless Blasphemous Spear (Epic) 6 min 6


Repairing Flawless Blasphemous Spear (Epic) requires up to: