Flawless Cutlass

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Flawless Cutlass
Flawless Cutlass
A slashing weapon favoured by pirates
Type Weapon
Grade Mid
Weapon Type OneHanded Sword
Base Damage 27
Base Armor Penetration 8.0%
Base Durability 630
Base Weight 3.36
Effects Cripple
ID 51824

Description[edit | edit source]

At this kind of fighting the freebooters of the sea were at their stoutest; their arrows and bolts tore holes in the charging horde, their cutlasses hewed the wild men from the palisades they strove to scale.
~ The Black Stranger

Favoured by sailors from the Western ocean to the Vilayet, the cutlass is a short, curved sword capable of hacking through ropes, canvas, wood, and flesh.

Forged of cheap iron, cutlasses are usually splotched with rust due to their time spent near salt water. This cutlass does not bear any markers of origin.

Repair[edit | edit source]

Repairing Flawless Cutlass requires up to: