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Food are the basic and advanced consumables for survival in Conan Exiles.

List of food[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Weight Food Amount Water Amount Rate Of Decay Notes
Icon sealed waterskin.png Sealed Waterskin A sealed leather skin for storing water 3 0 25 0
Icon abysmal flesh.png Abysmal Flesh Flesh harvested from the Abysmal Remnant 0.4 Raw: Food Poison
Icon cooked abysmal meat.png Cooked Abysmal Meat The cooked flesh of the Abysmal Remnant 0.4 100 Cooked: Regeneration
Icon exotic flesh.png Exotic Flesh Raw flesh harvested from exotic animals. 0.4 21 0 0.56
Icon roasted haunch.png Roasted Haunch A cooked haunch of exotic meat 0.4 82 0 0.28
Icon fat grub.png Fat Grub Disgusting, yet filling. 0.1 5 5 4.17
Icon feral flesh.png Feral Flesh Raw flesh harvested from small beasts and fowl. 0.1 11 0 1.67
Icon shredded roast.png Shredded Roast Cooked scraps of feral meat. 0.1 22 0 0.42
Icon savoury flesh.png Savoury Flesh Raw flesh harvested from common wild animals. 0.2 16 0 0.83
Icon grilled steak.png Grilled Steak Cooked slab of succulent meat. 0.2 42 0 0.33
Icon gruel.png Gruel A thin, foul-smelling gruel. 0.3 1 0 0.01
Icon spoiled gruel.png Spoiled Gruel Gruel that has turned green. 0.3 0 -20 0.01
Icon handful of insects.png Handful Of Insects These will keep starvation at bay. Barely. 0.05 1 0 4.17
Icon human flesh.png Human Flesh Flesh torn from other humans. 0.4 8 -3 0.01
Icon human flesh grilled.png
Icon purified flesh.png Purified Flesh Flesh that has been ritually purified. 0.12 76 26 0.01
Icon shaleback egg.png Shaleback Egg A large nutritious meal stolen from a shaleback nest. 0.1 11 5 1.67
Icon putrid meat.png Putrid Meat Whatever this used to be, it is inedible now. 0.3 10 -20 0.02
Icon arena ritual offering.png Arena Ritual Offering An offering to the bloody spectacle of battle. 0.4 100 100 0
Icon eyes of innocence.png Eyes of Innocence Eyes taken from a being of pure innocence. 0.4 8 5 .01
Icon devil's bonemeal.png Devil's Bonemeal 0.4 100 100 .01
Icon rotten devil's bonemeal.png Rotten Devil's Bonemeal A stinking mass of black matter. 0.4 -100 -100 0.01
Unappetizing Fish Raw: Food Poison
Savory Fish Raw: Food Poison
Exotic Fish Raw: Food Poison
Unappetizing Shellfish Raw: Food Poison
Savory Shellfish Raw: Food Poison
Exotic Shellfish Raw: Food Poison
Purified Water
Dried Meat
Dried Fish
Dried Berries
Highland Berries
Desert Berries
Cooked Fish
Cooked Savory Fish
Cooked Exotic Fish
Cooked Shellfish
Cooked Savory Shellfish
Cooked Exotic Shellfish
Highland Berry Pulp
Desert Berry Pulp
Phykos Rum
Highland Wine
Cactus Wine
Resin Wine
Honeyed Wine
Desert Wine
Shroom Beer
Oyster Flesh Raw: Food Poison
Oyster Omlete
Century Egg
Bush Jerky
Corrupting Brew
Flavored Gruel
Cooked Oyster
Berry Juice
Enhanced Gruel
Cleansing Brew
Meat Strips
Roasted Mushrooms
Mulled Brew
Herbal Tea
Mushroom Tea
Spiced and Shredded Roast
Spice Temporarily Raises Temperature
Salt Decreases Hydration
Bug Kabob
Spiced Egg
Egg Surprise
Cooked Eggs
Salted Berries
Berry Juice
Savory Feast
Feral Feast
Spiced Oysters
Spiced Tea
Spiced Steak
Savory Jerky
Darfari Bug Soup
Spiced Soup
Aloe Soup
Seed Soup
Yellow Lotus Soup
Demon Blood-Sausage
Spiced Slivers
Chili Desert Style
Bone Broth
Exotic Feast
Feast of Yog
Spiced Haunch
Feast of Set
Feast of Mitra
Meaty Mashup
Trail Jerky
Steak and Eggs
Mushroom Stew
Cimmerian Meal
Hearty Stew
Rhino Head Soup
Lasting Meal
Exquisite Stew
Hearty Meal
Feast of Ymir