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Hanuman's Grotto

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Hanuman's Grotto
Biome River
Coordinates 47,269
Type Cave
Map Icon T Map caveIcon.png
Mini T Map caveIcon.png

Description[edit | edit source]

Hanuman's Grotto is a small cave filled with Imps, Crystals and Glowing Goop with a statue of Hanuman at the end of it. In his hand he holds a book that has a prayer to Hanuman in it. Ghostly figures pray sitting and pray standing to the statute from the front in a half circle.

The statue of Hanuman is guarded by a named human min-boss, Valis the Loyal. He is armed with a trident and is hostile to players. Killing him grants a Withered Heart.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Hanuman's Grotto is one of the best sources for Icon crystal.png Crystal. The Player can pick it up by pressing E or using a Icon multi tool.png Pickaxe to gather way more Icon crystal.png Crystal at each node.

Hearts may be sacrificed at the chest in front of the statue of Hanuman. The reward will depend on the type of heart that is sacrificed. Note that interacting with the chest will automatically sacrifice any qualified hearts in your inventory and immediately place the reward in your inventory.

Heart Reward
Icon human heart.png Human Heart Icon potion of lostsouls.png Hanuman's Gift
Icon withered heart.png Withered Heart Icon BoonOfTheGorilla.png Boon of the Gorilla (Pet)
Icon deathknight heart.png Heart of the Kinscourge Icon BoonOfTheGreyApe.png Boon of the Grey Ape (Pet)
Icon human heart.png Heart of a Hero Icon BoonOfTheSilverback.png Boon of the Silverback (Pet)
Icon human heart.png Heart of a Nordheimer Icon BoonOfTheYeti.png Boon of the Yeti (Pet)
Icon scourgestone.png Heart of the Sands (Scourgestone) Icon BoonOfTheBlackYeti.png Boon of the Black Yeti (Pet)

Media[edit | edit source]