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In Conan Exiles players can gather resources from their surroundings, using tools or even their bare hands! These resources are needed for crafting everything from buildings to weapons.

Locating Resources[edit | edit source]

Some resources, such as Icon wood-1.png Wood and Icon stone-1.png Stone are easy to find - just hit a tree or large boulder respectively with a harvesting tool.

Other resources can be significantly harder to locate, such as Icon silver.png Silverstone, Icon obsidian.png Obsidian, and Icon starmetal ore.png Star Metal Ore.

See also: Map#Community maps.

Resource Gathering[edit | edit source]

Resources are gathered by striking an object in the world with an appropriate tool. The quantity of resource gathered by each strike is equal to the Harvesting Power of the tool, with a 50% chance of gaining an additional resource. This is multiplied by the Harvest Amount Multiplier server setting for increased resource gathering.

Formula for gathering quantity = ( Harvesting Power + [50% chance of +1] ) x Harvest Amount Multiplier

For example, a Icon steel pickaxe.png Steel Pick has a harvesting power of 5. When used to strike a large boulder, it will harvest 5 or 6 stone on each strike (5 stone with a 50% chance of an additional stone). If the server was configured with Harvest Amount Multiplier set at x3, then each strike would gather 15 or 18 stone.

Tool Categories - use the correct tool[edit | edit source]

  • Pick - generally boulders and ore, also trees for bark.
  • Hatchet - trees for wood, bodies for meat (if you don't have a cleaver).
  • Cleaver - meat from bodies, some hide, heads.
  • Sickle - fiber, plants, berries, gossamer
  • Skinning Knife - hide from bodies, some meat.

Harvesting Power of various Tools[edit | edit source]

Each tool has a harvesting power associated with it, which signifies how good it is at gathering resources (see the formula above).

List of Resources[edit | edit source]

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