Horn Of The North (Pet)

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Horn Of The North
Horn Of The North
A horn to call upon Ymirs favor
Type Pet
Weight 15.00
ID 92124
Frost Giant Bodyguard
Frost Giant Bodyguard
ID: pet_FrostGiant
Training difficulty Medium
Perk Type Human
Inventory Slots 10
Mount No
Base Stats
Health 1544
Damage 19
Armor 106
Damage Threshold 10%
Agility 1
Armor Bonus 28
Accuracy 1
Ranged Damage Bonus 7%

Description[edit | edit source]

Blowing this horn will summon a Frost Giant to your side. A strange allegiance but once the horn has been sounded, an unbreakable bond is crafted.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • For available perks at levels 10, 15, and 20, see Follower Perks (Frost Giant & Universal)
  • Since the Frost Giant summoned is classified as a pet rather than a thrall, it cannot be equipped with any armor or weapons, instead being included as part of its summon.
  • Ladagara Daughter Of Ymir is a rare Boss NPC who drops the Horn.
  • The item was originally called Horn Of The North.

Diet[edit | edit source]

Preferred Food Strength Agility Vitality Accuracy Survival Nutrition
Icon spiced exotic meat.png Spiced Haunch +7% +7% 1 pt healing/sec
Icon spiced perfect cut of meat.png Spiced Exquisite Meat +14% 1 pt healing/sec
Icon spiced soup.png Spiced Soup +14% 2 pts healing/sec
Icon spiced oyster.png Spiced Oysters +14% 3 pts healing/sec
Icon spiced tea.png Spiced Tea +14% 4 pts healing/sec
Icon bone broth.png Bone Broth +14% 6 pts healing/sec
Icon exotic meat stew.png Hearty Stew +7% +7% 7 pts healing/sec
Icon demon blood-sausage.png Demon Blood-Sausage +7% +7% 8 pts healing/sec
Icon warming brew.png Mulled Brew +3% +3% +3% 9 pts healing/sec
Icon offering to ymir.png Feast of Ymir +3% +3% +7% 10 pts healing/sec

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