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Food are the basic and advanced consumables for survival in Conan Exiles.

List of food[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Weight Healing

per s



Food Amount Water Amount Rate Of Decay Notes
Icon absinthe.png Absinthe Powerful liquor of a mystically green hue. 2.5 1 0 15 0
Icon abysmal flesh.png Abysmal Flesh Flesh harvested from the Abysmal Remnant 0.1 2 Raw: Food Poisoning
Icon ale.png Ale A most refreshing beverage. 2.5 3 0 15 0
Icon aloe soup.png Aloe Soup A green soup with no meat at all. 0.1 4 50 25
Icon arena ritual offering.png Arena Ritual Offering An offering to the bloody spectacle of battle. 0.4 5 100 0
Icon berry drink.png Berry Juice Sweet drink made from berries. 0.1 6 2 10
Icon blood-sausage.png Blood Sausage 0.1 7 20 0
Icon bone broth.png Bone Broth Under the delicious broth is something that was recently...human. 0.1 8 52 15
Icon bread.png Bread A loaf of bread. 0.1 9 10 0
Icon bug kabob.png Bug Kabob Roasted bugs on a skewer. 0.1 0 20 0
Icon salted feral meat.png Bush Jerky Strips of feral meat, dried and salted. 0.1 19 -5
Icon cactus wine.png Cactus Wine An unlikely drink, sweeter than expected. 2.5 0 10 0
Icon century egg.png Century Egg Dark green egg smelling of ammonia. 0.1 12 0
Icon desert chili.png Chili Desert Style Meaty and eye-wateringly spiced. 0.1 78 -25
Icon cimmerian meal.png Cimmerian Meal It's hot, and its filling. 0.1 82 30
Icon cleansing brew.png Cleansing Brew Smells sharp. 0.1 5 5
Icon cooked abysmal meat.png Cooked Abysmal Meat The cooked flesh of the Abysmal Remnant 0.4 100 Cooked: Regeneration
Icon cooked egg.png Cooked Eggs Eggs, sizzling hot. 0.1 16 0
Icon cookedGoodFish.png Cooked Exotic Fish Steaming bowl of fish. 0.1 30 0 0.33
Icon cookedGoodShellFish.png Cooked Exotic Shellfish An assortment of shellfish, hot and prepared. 0.13 50 0 0.33
Icon cooked perfect cut of meat.png Cooked Exquisite Meat
Icon cookedBadFish.png Cooked Fish Steaming bowl of fish. 0.1 10 0 0.33
Icon human flesh grilled.png Cooked Human Flesh
Icon cooked oyster.png Cooked Oyster Oysters served hot.
Icon fatty meat feast.png Cooked Pork Dinner
Icon cooked fatty meat.png Cooked Pork Rinds
Icon delicious meat strips.png Cooked Pork strips
Icon cookedFish.png Cooked Savory Fish Steaming bowl of fish. 0.1 20 0 0.33
Icon cookedShellFish.png Cooked Savory Shellfish An assortment of shellfish, hot and prepared. 0.13 35 0 0.33
Icon cookedBadShellFish.png Cooked Shellfish An assortment of shellfish, hot and prepared. 0.13 25 0 0.33
Icon corrupting brew.png Corrupting Brew A foreboding liquid of acrid yet sweet aroma.
Icon darfari bug soup.png Darfari Bug Soup Full of things with no legs or too many legs.
Icon berryjuice desert.png Desert Berry Pulp Blue berry pulp.
Icon demon blood-sausage.png Demon Blood-Sausage Links of blackened meat.
Icon berries desert.png Desert Berries Small, blue berries. 0.05 1 0
Icon blueberry wine.png Desert Wine A particularly thirst-quenching wine. 0.1
Icon devil's bonemeal.png Devil's Bonemeal 0.4 100 100 .01
Dried Berries A handful of dried berries. 1 0
Dried Fish Preserved fish flesh.
Dried Meat Preserved animal flesh.
Egg Surpise A delicious looking egg.
Enhanced Gruel It is gruel, but it actually smells good
Exotic Feast A decadent display of choice meats.
Exotic Fish Raw flesh harvested from exotic fish. 0.1 1 0 0.25 Raw: Food Poisoning
Icon exotic flesh.png Exotic Flesh Raw flesh harvested from exotic animals. 0.4 21 0 0.56 Raw: Food Poisoning
Exotic Shellfish Raw flesh harvested from exotic shellfish. 0.1 1 0 0.25 Raw: Food Poisoning
Exquisite Meat
Exquisite Stew Chunks of exotic meat floating in a fine stew.
Icon eyes of innocence.png Eyes of Innocence Eyes taken from a being of pure innocence. 0.4 8 5 .01
Icon fat grub.png Fat Grub Disgusting, yet filling. 0.1 5 5 4.17
Feast of Derketo
Feast of Mitra A ritualistic meal in honor of Mitra.
Feast of Set A ritualistic meal in honor of Set.
Feast of Ymir A ritualistic meal in honor of Ymir.
Feast to Yog
Feral Feast Mounds of cooked, feral meat.
Icon feral flesh.png Feral Flesh Raw flesh harvested from small beasts and fowl. 0.1 11 0 1.67 Raw: Food Poisoning
Firewater Tastes like death, but packs a kick. 0.1 5
Fish Strips Cooked strips of fish. 0.10 60 0
Flavored Gruel Gruel with a dash of flavor.
Icon grilled steak.png Grilled Steak Cooked slab of succulent meat. 0.2 42 0 0.33
Icon gruel.png Gruel A thin, foul-smelling gruel. 0.3 1 0 0.01
Icon handful of insects.png Handful of Insects These will keep starvation at bay. Barely. 0.05 1 0 4.17
Hearty Meal A meal both filling and flavorful.
Hearty Stew Chunks of succulent meat floating in a stew.
Herbal Tea A medicinal brew.
Highland Berries Small, red berries. 0.05 1 0
Highland Berry Pulp Red berry pulp.
Highland Wine Wine with a spiced kick.
Honey Jerky
Honeyed Eggs
Honeyed Gruel
Honeyed Wine A very sweet wine.
Honeyglazed Roast
Icon human flesh.png Human Flesh Flesh torn from other humans. 0.4 8 -3 0.01
Ice Tea
Lasting Meal A heavy and fatty meal.
Lumpy Soup
Mead Drink made from fermented honey.
Meat Strips Cooked strips of succulent meat.
Meaty Mashup Various meat scraps cooked together.
Mixed Meat Scraps
Mulled Brew Hot and smelling of winter spices.
Mushroom Stew A stew floating with mushrooms.
Mushroom Tea Shroom tea with a zesty kick
Mystery Meat Soup
Oyster Flesh Raw flesh harvested from an oyster. Raw: Food Poisoning
Oyster Omelette
Phykos Rum Clear, strong drink with an orange tint.
Puffball Mushroom
Icon purified flesh.png Purified Flesh Flesh that has been ritually purified. 0.12 76 26 0.01
Purified Water Crystal-clear water. 0.13 0 50 0 Single use
Icon putrid meat.png Putrid Meat Whatever this used to be, it is inedible now. 0.3 10 -20 0.02 Raw: Food Poisoning
Raw Pork
Resin Wine A dark wine with a burning bouquet.
Rhino Head Soup Soup from a great beast's head. +3 Encumbrance
Icon roasted haunch.png Roasted Haunch A cooked haunch of exotic meat 0.4 82 0 0.28
Roasted Mushrooms Bowlful of cooked mushrooms.
Icon rotten devil's bonemeal.png Rotten Devil's Bonemeal A stinking mass of black matter. 0.4 -100 -100 0.01
Salt White, crystalline granules. 0.1 Decreases Hydration
Salted Berries A small snack, both savory and sweet. 0.13
Salted Exquisite Meat
Salted Pork
Savory Feast Heaps and heaps of glorious meat.
Savory Fish Raw flesh harvested from fish. 0.1 1 0 0.25 Raw: Food Poisoning
Savory Jerky Strips of succulent meat dried and salted.
Savory Shellfish Raw flesh harvested from shellfish. 0.1 1 0 0.25 Raw: Food Poisoning
Icon savoury flesh.png Savoury Flesh Raw flesh harvested from common wild animals. 0.2 16 0 0.83 Raw: Food Poisoning
Icon sealed waterskin.png Sealed Waterskin A sealed leather skin for storing water 3 0 25 0 Refillable
Seed Soup A soup of boiled seeds.
Icon shaleback egg.png Shaleback Egg A large nutritious meal stolen from a shaleback nest. 0.1 11 5 1.67
Icon shredded roast.png Shredded Roast Cooked scraps of feral meat. 0.1 22 0 0.42 Cooked: Regeneration
Shroom Amanita
Shroom Beer Smells kind of funny, but tastes okay.
Soup A hearty bowl of broth and other bits of food.
Spice Powdered, exotic flavors. 0.1 1 Temporarily Raises Temperature
Spiced and Shredded Roast Zesty scraps of feral meat.
Spiced Egg Zesty cooked eggs.
Spiced Exquisite Meat
Spiced Haunch A zesty haunch of exotic meat.
Spiced Oysters Cooked and zesty oysters.
Spiced Pork
Spiced Slivers Zesty meat wrapped in crocodile skin.
Spiced Soup A zesty soup.
Spiced Steak Zesty slab of succulent meat.
Spiced Tea A zesty brew.
Icon spoiled gruel.png Spoiled Gruel Gruel that has turned green. 0.3 0 -20 0.01 Raw: Food Poisoning
Steak and Eggs Slice of meat and sizzling eggs.
Trail Jerky
Icon rawBadFish.png Unappetizing Fish Raw flesh harvested from small fish. 0.1 1 0 0.25 Raw: Food Poisoning
Unappetizing Shellfish Raw flesh harvested from middling shellfish. 0.1 1 0 0.25 Raw: Food Poisoning
Wine Bounty of the grape, drink of the gods.
Yellow Lotus Soup Soup boiled from that infamous blossom.
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