Iron Leg-hold Trap

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Iron Leg-hold Trap
Iron Leg-hold Trap
An iron trap for capturing medium sized animals
Type BuildingItem
Health 250
Max Stack 10
Weight 2.00
ID 80911

Description[edit | edit source]

The jaws of an iron trap had closed on his leg, with teeth that sank deep and held. Only the ridged muscles of his calf saved the bone from being splintered.
~ Red Nails

These traps were originally conceived by noblemen in Zingara to prevent human poachers from trespassing on their estate. The effectiveness of the traps was legendary and it wasn't very long until the traps were being used by hunters across the western kingdoms to capture animals.

When the jaws close on the hapless creature, it is stuck fast, unable to move until it is freed from the trap. Iron and steel traps are in special demand due to the ability to reuse them almost immediately.

This trap is only effective on medium sized animals and humanoids.