Legendary Armor Patch Kit

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Legendary Armor Patch Kit
Legendary Armor Patch Kit
A patch kit for repairing damaged armor
Type Consumable
Grade Legendary
Max Stack 10
Weight 1.75
ID 41040

Description[edit | edit source]

Conan's dark scarred face was darker yet with passion; his black armor was hacked to tatters and splashed with blood; his great sword red to the cross-piece.
~ The Scarlet Citadel

A warrior needs to be able to rely on their armor in the heat of battle. When the broadswords swing, a layer of leather or steel can mean the difference between life and death.

This patch kit, containing scraps of metals, leather and hide, can be used to repair the most egregious insults to a piece of armor, though it will never be able to repair them completely.